All our NEW nail enhancement full sets are guaranteed against breakage and lifting for 7 days from time of application. If you experience breakage or lifting during your first week, simply come back and we’ll fix them no charge.

* Note: Please bring your personal nail kit “buffer, pumice stone, file”, or buy a new kit to keep and for future use – $2 supporting price. This helps us meeting sanitation, cleanliness, and personal safety required by Department of Health.

  • Please check with us for large group party accommodation!

* Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please call (360) 975-4077 or contact us to verify the current prices.

    01.Nail Enhancements
  • Acrylic
    Pls see Price for Solar

    Note: At Adela - We use only Solar powder as this is highest quality giving the best looking nails. Acrylic is a type pf powder and a liquid that are mixed together and polymerize as it dries to create a tough coating usually applied on fake nail or nail enhancement. Adela Nails uses a very high quality product from manufacturer without mixing of the original color or powder. Powder and Liquid use are different than Solar powder.

  • French Tip
    $35.00 Full Set

  • Solar
    $30.00 Full Set
    $20.00 Fill

    Solar is a powder and a liquid are mixed together and polymerize as it dries to create a tough coating usually applied on fake nail or nail enhancement. Solar powder is finer and lighter than acrylic powder and when apply on nails it feels light and more natural like your real nails. Powder and Liquid use are different than acrylic altogether, is more expensive and consider as best top notch quality. At Adela we use original product sent to us from manufacturer without mixing anything. Apply GEL or shellac polish over solar power is a little more expensive option, but preferred by technician and clients as the two go together well, last a lot longer time, harder to chip polish of the nails, nails look really nice and color is more vibrant.

  • Two Tone (e.g. Pink & White)
    $45.00 Full Set
    $40.00 Fill

    02.Natural Nail Care
  • Manicure
    $15.00 Full Set

  • Shellac Gel Color with Manicure
    $25.00 Full Set

  • Shellac Gel French with Manicure
    $30.00 Full Set

  • Express Pedicure
    $20.00 Full Set

  • Signature Pedicure
    $25.00 Full Set

  • Pedicure & Manicure – Basic – Combo
    $32.00 Full Set

  • Deluxe Pedicure
    $35.00 Full Set

  • Organic Super Deluxe
    $45.00 Full Set

    This is our latest service we recently added. It's popular, and customers love it. You'll get about 20 minutes of message time on this one end-to-end. We're using Voesh New York Spa set. One set with 4 packages using end to end thru our the process per customer for a one time use. It's a luxury in Pedicure Spa. You'll have option to pick following flavors: Jasmine Soothe, Vitamin Recharge, Lavender Relieve, Green Tea Detox, Lemon Quench, Mango Delight, Ocean Refresh, Cucumber Fresh, Tangerine Twist, or Olive Sensation. Please ask staff for each flavor and its benefits.

    03.Additional Services
  • Nail Design
    $5 - $20

    Usually cost from any where from $5 to $20. Cost of design depends on complexity, and time involve in the process and how many fingers or toes needed to design as part of the process. Please ask nail technician during your visit.

  • Polish Change on Hands

  • Polish Change on Feet

  • Polish Change on Shellac Gel

  • Take Off

  • Nail Repair

  • Paraffin Dip

  • French (Regular Color)

    04.Smooth Body Waxing
  • Eyebrows

  • Upper Lip

  • Eye+Lip+Chin

  • Underarms

  • Half Legs

  • Full Legs

  • Half Arms

  • Full Arms

  • Whole Face

  • Bikini

    05.Skin Care
  • Refreshing Facial Mask

    Revive your skin with Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask. This skin renewing estuary treasure helps exfoliate dead skin cells, remove skin contaminants, and rejuvenate damaged or troubled skin. Continuously enriched by the ocean, this unique glacial mud nurtures your skin with more than 50 beneficial minerals and trace elements, including zinc and sea botanicals. Its naturally fine colloidal particles and absorbent properties significantly enhance its deep cleansing effects.